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Orland Park Tree Service

Sinnott Tree Service provides excellent tree removal and tree services in Orland Park, IL

Orland Park was incorporated on May 31, 1892 and Sinnott Tree Service has served commercial businesses and residential neighborhoods since 1972.

Expert Tree Services in Orland Park, IL

With over 60 parks in the village, there are plenty of options for recreation, from sports complexes to nature trails.

Maintenance of the parkway trees are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner per the village code. Any trimming or removal is the homeowner's responsibility. You'll want to keep a minimum clearance of 8 feet above the sidewalks for pedestrians to maneuver and the homeowner adjacent to any parkway tree that requires trimming or removal will be contacted to perform the maintenance.

The village will perform maintenance only after the failure of the homeowner. The homeowner may be charged for the work necessary to perform the maintenance.


The village's parkway tree trimming program is limited to:

  • Trees that pose a safety concern or may potentially cause damage to vehicles
  • Trees that hamper a motorist’s line of sight, obstruct regulatory traffic signs, or block light from streetlights
  • Trees that can cause damage or be damaged by snowplowing equipment, garbage trucks, delivery trucks, or other vehicles that are higher than normal passenger vehicles.

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Sinnott Tree Service will provide you with an expert and professional evaluation of your tree care needs. We will provide a prompt, written, free estimate detailing the work to be performed.

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Insurance and Emergency Services

Sinnott Tree Service is fully insured. We carry workers compensation and contractor liability insurance.

24 hour expert emergency / hazardous tree removal in Orland Park IL

If you need to contact the village of Orland Park, feel free to do so.

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Orland Park has a population of about 56,000 people, located 25 miles southwest of downtown Chicago and only 13 miles or 22 minutes from Sinnott Tree Service.

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